Church Commissioners for England v Nodjoumi (1985)

Judgment Date: 20 May 85

Summary Effect of notice to forfeit. Where landlord gives statutory notice on one ground but claims possession and succeeds on another ground Facts Landlords issued notice to forfeit a lease under s.146 LPA 1925 and then by writ claimed forfeiture of the lease for breach of covenant, inter alia in respect...

Finlay Graham & Ors v Robert Philcox & Ors (1984)

Judgment Date: 18 Apr 84

Summary Effect of enlargement of dominant tenement on existing easements. Facts Appeal against dismissal of claim to right of way from a house where right had been granted to a top-floor tenant by predecessor who owned both the house and the servient tenement. The appellant claimed that by virtue of...

Jelson (Estates) Ltd v Harvey (1983)

Judgment Date: 01 Jan 83

Summary Committal proceedings-renewal of Facts Preliminary objection that application for committal was incompetent because earlier application on same grounds had been heard without any order being made on it. Held No order had been made on the earlier application because it did not comply with RSC.O.52 r.4 as it...

Mohammed v Mohammed and others (Abbey Mills Mosque) (2023) - Judgment awaited

Judgment Date: 01 Jan 70

(High Court - judgment awaited)

Friends of Victoria Hall v Charity Commission for England and Wales (2023) - Judgment awaited

Judgment Date:

(First-Tier Tribunal - judgment awaited)

Colchester Aviation and BV Airways v. The Government of the British Virgin Islands

Judgment Date:

Non-confidential ICDR arbitration seated in New York City between an airline and the BVI government arising from a failed effort to establish non-stop air service from the continental US to the BVI

Thomas v Triodos Bank NV (2017)

Judgment Date:

Trial concerning existence and extent of ‘information duty’ in a non-advised transaction between banker and customer (as sole advocate).