Green v (1) White Lantern (2) SMC [2023] EWHC 930 (Ch)

Judgment Date: 28 Apr 23

The High Court held that the actor, Ms Eva Green, was entitled to payment of her fee of $1million in respect of the collapsed film “A Patriot” and dismissed the Defendant and Additional Claimant’s claims against Ms Green in full.

THJ Systems v Sheridan [2023]

Judgment Date: 26 Apr 23

The High Court has handed down judgment in THJ Systems v Sheridan [2023] EWHC 927 (Ch), a dispute about intellectual property and expulsion from a two-member limited liability partnership in which Amanda Hadkiss and Ted Loveday acted for the Defendants. The Defendants succeeded in defending all the intellectual property claims...

Warner Music UK Ltd & Ors v TuneIn Inc [2021] EWCA Civ 441

Judgment Date: 01 Nov 19

Summary A service enabling users, via a website or app, to access internet music radio stations around the world had communicated copyright works to the public contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 s.20 where the radio stations were not licensed in the UK or elsewhere, where they were...