In re BCCI (No.9) (1993)

Judgment Date: 19 Jun 93

Mortgage Corporation Ltd v Nationwide Credit Corporation Ltd (1993)

Judgment Date: 14 May 93

Summary Two unregistered charges the later entered as a caution : Entering a caution as to a later charge gives no priority over an earlier charge Facts Held Appeal as to decision holding that noting a charge as a caution could give no priority over an earlier charge, dismissed. Decision of...

Re: Vedmay Ltd (1993)

Judgment Date: 01 Jan 93

Summary Statutory tenant may claim to have property which liquidator has disclaimed vested in him Facts When a liquidator disclaims property under s.178 Insolvency Act 1986 as onerous property, a statutory tenant has locus standi to apply for vesting the property in him under s.181 Insolvency Act 1986. Held

Luttenberger v North Thoresby Farms Ltd (1992)

Judgment Date: 21 Dec 92

Summary Whether notice to quit agricultural tenancy was fraudulent

RPH Mirror Group sub nom In re Mirror Group Holdings Ltd (1992)

Judgment Date: 28 Oct 92

Summary Liability of intermediate assignees where original tenant is sued by landlord on covenant for rent Facts Tenant T assigned a lease of premises to B who then assigned it to C who then assigned it to D who was now insolvent. On the landlord suing T for rent under...

Thrells Ltd v Lomas (1992)

Judgment Date: 31 Jul 92

Summary Distribution of surplus in insolvent company's pension fund. Facts Application by liquidator of company in voluntary winding up with a deficiency of £2 million as to company's powers as sole trustee of the pension fund to alter the rules by ensuring that a surplus of £505,000 in the fund might be...

Clifford Chance v Silver (1992)

Judgment Date: 22 Jul 92

Summary Holder of bill without notice of any defect taking advantage of s. 27(2)Bills of Exchange Act 1882 as holder in due course Facts The holder of a bill of exchange without notice of any defect in the title of the person who negotiated the bill to him could take advantage...

Halliday v Shoesmith & Anor (1992)

Judgment Date: 30 Jun 92

Nestle v National Westminster Bank plc (1992)

Judgment Date: 06 May 92