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Cases Richard Morgan

Universal Cycles PLC v Grangebriar Ltd (2000)

Judgment Date: 08 Feb 2000

Where a claimant and defendant both succeeded on their claim and counterclaim though the claimant was the overall winner, a judge could award the successful claimant his costs or a proportion thereof to reflect the issues which had been involved, but it was quite another thing for the claimant to be ordered to pay a proportion of the defendant's costs.

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David Gareth Jones v Society of Lloyd’s : Mervyn John Anthony Standen v Same (1999)

Judgment Date: 16 Dec 1999

Whether provision in the Lloyd's settlement agreement that underwriting members who did not pay their reduced liabilities in full by a certain date would be liable for their full liabilities was in the nature of an unenforceable penalty or constituted a provision for forfeiture.

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Peter John Browne v Mark Goldberg (1999)

Judgment Date: 07 Oct 1999

Claimant had equitable interest in property assigned in course of business transaction.

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Secretary of State for Trade & Industry v Richard Richardson (1997)

Judgment Date: 08 May 1997

Appeal against disqualification for seven years under s.6 Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986. Statutory preference, period of disqualification and de facto directorship considered.

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In re BCCI (No.9) (July 1993)

Judgment Date: 30 Jul 1993

Application by BCCI directors to discharge worldwide Mareva injunctions against them made on the ex parte application of the liquidators of BCCI International (Overseas) Ltd, a Cayman Islands company wound up by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on 14 January 1992, and as to declarations that the applicants had knowingly carried on the business of that company and BCCI International SA with intent to defraud creditors and were liable to contribute to the assets.

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In re BCCI (No.9) (1993)

Judgment Date: 19 Jun 1993

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NCNB Texas National Bank v Evensong Co Ltd (1991)

Judgment Date: 15 May 1991

A creditor seeking execution against a ship owner is not an "interested person" for the purposes of an application under s.30 Merchant Shipping Act 1894 to prohibit any dealing with the ship. The section gives an applicant who is "an interested party" a substantial right of relief which is not ancillary to any other cause of action and therefore the court has jurisdiction to give leave under RSC O.11 r.1(1)(b) to serve out of the jurisdiction an originating summons for an injunction restraining dealings with the ship where such application is appropriate.

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Derby & Co Ltd & Ors v Weldon & Ors (No.9) (1990)

Judgment Date: 06 Nov 1990

No duty to disclose unless the statement is to be adduced in evidence at the trial..

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