Tang Man Sit v Capacious Investments Ltd (1995)

Judgment Date: 18 Dec 95

Summary Whether a party injured by a breach of trust is entitled to claim both an account of profits and damages for being kept out of property which has been let in breach of an agreement to assign. Facts Defendants' appeal and plaintiffs's cross-appeal from the Hong Kong Court of...

In the matter of an application under s.84 Law of Property Act 1925 by Colin Moram (1995)

Judgment Date: 15 Dec 95

Summary Modifying restrictive covenants on a housing estate to permit a small block of flats to be substituted for an existing dwelling house. Facts Application by Colin Moram and Minola Smith for orders modifying the restrictions imposed by a building scheme for the development in 1934 of the Upton Grove Estate...

Re Mohan Bhagwandas Murjani (1995)

Judgment Date: 12 Dec 95

Doorbar v Alltime Securities Ltd (1995)

Judgment Date: 30 Nov 95

Macro & Ors v Macro (Ipswich) Ltd & Ors (1995)

Judgment Date: 24 Nov 95

Summary Jurisdiction to appeal against a taxing master's order to adjourn taxation proceedings on costs orders until after the outcome of an appeal. Facts Appeals against taxing master's orders adjourning taxation proceedings in respect of costs ordered to be paid on two petitions, an action and a counterclaim which were...

Target Holdings Ltd v Redferns

Judgment Date: 20 Jul 95

Charterhouse Bank Ltd v Rose & Ors (1995)

Judgment Date: 16 Jun 95

Summary Claims by banks in respect of negligent overvaluation of property inducing them to finance the purchase of same. Facts Claim for damages by four plaintiff banks (CBL), (SIB), (CNCA) and (UBK) in respect of allegedly negligent advice given by the thirteen defendants, the first ten being partners in John...

Process Development Ltd v Hogg (1995)

Judgment Date: 24 May 95

Summary Duty of solicitor supervising the execution of an Anton Piller order and disclosure of information concerning the order to the police. Facts Employee's appeal against order releasing his employer from Anton Piller confidentiality undertakings as to the employer's own documents which had been recovered from the employee under the...