Hugh McDonald & Ors v Gordon John Horn & Ors (1994)

Judgment Date: 27 Sep 94

GE Capital Corporate Finance v Banker’s Trust Co (1994)

Judgment Date: 29 Jul 94

Bickenhall Engineering Co Ltd v GrandMet Restaurants Ltd (1994)

Judgment Date: 26 Jul 94

Summary Time is not to be presumed as of the essence in a rent review clause in the absence of any indication in the lease to the contrary. Facts Appeal by tenant in business lease as to ruling that time was of the essence in the provisions for rent review...

St Martin’s Property Investments Ltd v Philips Electronics (UK) Ltd (1994)

Judgment Date: 23 Jun 94

Summary Third party proceedings against minister constitute "crown proceedings" and must be tried in London. Facts Appeal by the Secretary of State for the Environment against direction that trial of an action in which he had been joined by the defendant as a third party should take place in Newcastle....

WH Smith Ltd v Wyndham Investments Ltd

Judgment Date: 18 May 94

In Re Bank of Credit and Commerce International SA & Anor (1994)

Judgment Date: 15 Apr 94

Re: Macro (Ipswich) Limited (1994)

Judgment Date: 29 Mar 94

Summary Necessity for care and co-operation in preparing bundles of documents Facts The court emphasised the necessity for care, attention and co-operation between parties in preparing bundles of documents for trial in a case in which many documents had not been agreed, many were irrelevant and many had been duplicated....

Olympia & York Canary Wharf Ltd v Oil Property Investments Ltd (1994)

Judgment Date: 17 Feb 94

Summary Landlord's refusal to consent to assignment of a lease to a party intending to determine the lease held to be reasonable. Facts The tenant under a business lease containing a covenant not to assign without the landlord's consent not to be unreasonably withheld, assigned to a company which went...

Harris V Lord Shuttleworth & Ors (1993)

Judgment Date: 24 Nov 93

Summary Where dismissal from employment on grounds of incapacity may amount to "retirement". Facts Appeal from dismissal of plaintiff's claim to a pension against the trustees of a pension fund under which plaintiff would have been entitled to a pension on "retirement from service with her employers by reason of...