Timothy Evans

Call: 1979

Tim spent his first ten years of practice specialising in traditional Chancery fields, principally capital taxes, trusts and contentious probate. He joined Maitland Chambers in the early 1990’s.

Tim’s practice now centres on disputes over family money, typically in the context of wills and trusts disputes, proprietary estoppel claims, shareholder and other commercial disputes, insolvency, partnership disputes and associated professional negligence claims.

As a senior junior, his considerable experience equips him to assimilate complex material and identify the key issues with speed. He is commonly instructed to work with another junior, providing experienced advice and advocacy skills.

While Tim will generally encourage all such disputes to be settled without the need for a full-blown trial, he is an accomplished litigator. Examples of the sorts of dispute in which he is commonly instructed, and which did go to trial, are to be found in Yusuf v Yusuf at [2019] EWHC 90 (Ch) and McDonald v Rose at [2018] EWHC 445 (Ch) and [2019] 1 WLR 2828 (Court of Appeal).


The pressure continues to grow on parties to settle their disputes without incurring the time, expense and stress of taking them to a tribunal or a court.

As well as practising as an adviser and litigator, Tim is a certified Mediator, and offers a mediation service designed to identify the issues that really matter and to use the process to help the parties find practical solutions to their differences.

While Tim welcomes the opportunity to mediate almost any kind of dispute (other than in the specialist fields of matrimonial and employment disputes), his focus is on disputes over family money (whether or not held within corporate vehicles), which is the subject of his special expertise.