David Fox holds the Chair of Common Law in the University of Edinburgh. He was previously a Fellow of St John’s College and a University Lecturer in the University of Cambridge.

He has lectured in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong across the range of teaching interests, which include Equity and trusts, real and personal property, Roman law, monetary law and the law of restitution.

His main research interests are currently in monetary law and the law of trusts. His work has a strong historical emphasis, and seeks to show how the current form of monetary and trust law doctrine has been shaped by its course of evolution and its interaction with financial innovation. His recent research has ranged from the history of the Anglo-Scots monetary union of 1707 to private law responses to the emergence of cyber-currencies and fintech.

He completed pupillage at Maitland Chambers in 2006 and is available to advise on aspects of monetary law.