Maitland Chambers is one of the leading sets of barristers’ chambers in the UK. Based in London’s Lincoln’s Inn, we offer legal advice and advocacy of the highest quality both domestically and internationally.

We are consistently ranked as a leading set in all our areas of expertise across the civil fraud, commercial, corporate, insolvency, real estate, financial, chancery and related fields. We appear across a full range of UK civil courts and tribunals including the Supreme Court and Privy Council as well as in Caribbean, Asian and other jurisdictions.


Maitland Chambers is based in the beautiful Stone Buildings at Lincoln’s Inn. Steeped in legal history, the Inns of Court and Inns of Chancery at Lincoln’s Inn are thought to date back to as early as the late thirteenth/early fourteenth century.

It holds the oldest continuous records, beginning eighty years before any other Inns of Court. Work on the addition of the Stone Buildings began in 1770 when the Inn put out a design competition, with submissions from many renowned architects. The final drawings selected by the Inn were from Sir Robert Taylor.

Fast forward to 2001 and Maitland Chambers was founded as a result of a merger between 13 Old Square and 7 Stone Buildings, and, later in 2004, 9 Old Square. Together these chambers could trace their histories back to the late 19th century.

Among distinguished former members from those sets were Lord Oliver of Alymerton, Lord Justice Dillon, Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead, Lord Hoffmann and Sir Andrew Morritt VC. Many other former members have been appointed to the High Court Bench. Maitland Chambers, built upon this rich heritage, was immediately recognised as a leader in the field of commercial chancery law after the merger.