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Mentoring Scheme Launched

Maitland Chambers, Pupillage, Responsibility

02 November 2020

Maitland has launched a mentoring scheme for aspiring commercial/chancery barristers from ethnic minority backgrounds. Apply by 15 November for sessions in December 2020/January 2021.

Members of Maitland Chambers are offering mentoring placements this Winter. The aim of this scheme is to inform, guide and encourage aspiring commercial / chancery barristers so that they can approach pupillage applications to sets in these practice areas with a realistic idea of what to expect and the confidence to navigate the processes.

This initiative is specifically for the benefit of high potential candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds underrepresented at the commercial / chancery Bar, and we particularly encourage applications from black candidates. We will also seek to contextualise applications by taking into account candidates’ personal and socio-economic circumstances.

Each placement will consist of two focused sessions, which will take place online at mutually convenient times in December 2020 / January 2021. Through the sessions it is intended that candidates will receive:

  • insight into the skills required at the commercial / chancery Bar
  • tailored advice for improving written applications
  • guidance on how to tackle typical interview questions
  • a mock interview with constructive feedback.

The scheme is open to candidates who will have completed the first year of a law degree or started the GDL by December, and have not yet secured a pupillage. Priority will be given to those applying for pupillage in 2021.

For convenience, candidates should simply complete the same application form that Maitland Chambers uses for its mini-pupillage application scheme (which can be found here) and indicate in their covering email whether they are submitting the form with a view to a mentoring placement and/or mini-pupillage. The deadline for applications is 15 November 2020.

Please note that:

  • Anyone who has already submitted an application form for a mini-pupillage in December 2020 and January 2021, or had submitted one for a mini-pupillage in October and November 2020, does not need to submit a further form if they wish to be considered for a mentoring placement. They will be automatically contacted to ask if they are interested in mentoring, and if so we will proceed on the basis of the information provided in their existing application form.
  • If a candidate expresses an interest in both a mentoring placement and mini-pupillage, this will not adversely affect their chances of securing mini-pupillage. Their application for mini-pupillage will be considered separately in its own right, by a different selection panel which has no knowledge of whether or not the candidate has expressed interest in mentoring.
  • Similarly, this mentoring scheme is not connected to Maitland Chambers’ pupillage selection processes. The fact that a candidate has applied for or participated in a mentoring placement will not be taken into account if they apply for pupillage at Maitland Chambers in due course.

Those who indicate interest in a mentoring placement will be contacted during the week beginning 15 November 2020 with a request to provide some additional details relating to the criteria mentioned above.

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