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Cases Olivier Kalfon

(1) Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber (2) MBI & Partners UK Ltd (3) JJW Hotels & Resorts Ltd v (1) Amjad Elias Salfiti (2) Basem Bosheh (2018)

Judgment Date: 02 Nov 2018

A worldwide freezing injunction obtained without notice was discharged for failure to comply with the duty of full and frank disclosure. In any event the claimants had failed to show a good arguable case against the defendants or a risk of dissipation.

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Thomas v Triodos Bank NV (2017)

Judgment Date: 02 Mar 2017

A bank had owed a duty to business customers who had expressed a wish to change the interest on their borrowings from a variable rate to a fixed rate to explain the financial implications of doing so. That duty had been breached in the instant case.

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Lord Chancellor v John Blavo & MSP Capital (2016)

Judgment Date: 28 Jan 2016

A freezing order was continued against a solicitor who had been the managing director of a firm which had allegedly fraudulently claimed legal aid for thousands of cases. The firm had been liquidated, but the solicitor had signed a deed of guarantee and indemnity in respect of the firm's legal aid contracts and the court was satisfied that, based on the alleged dishonesty and a transfer of property, there was a real risk that assets would be dissipated in order to frustrate a future judgment.

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