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Cases Michael Pryor

First Penthouse Ltd v Channel Hotels and Properties (UK) Ltd (2004)

Judgment Date: 30 Jul 2004

The court was required to construe the terms of an agreement that was a combination of a development agreement and an agreement for a lease to enable the development to be carried out. The purpose of the construction was to determine whether consent to assign a lease had been unreasonably withheld and whether there had been waiver of breaches of two covenants.

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Slamon v Planchon (2004)

Judgment Date: 25 Jun 2004

There had to be continuity on the part of the freeholder or, if the freehold was held on trust, on the part of the person having an interest under the trust, in order to satisfy the test of continuity of ownership in the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 s.10 for the purpose of establishing the resident landlord exception to collective enfranchisement.

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Michael Pryor

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First Penthouse Ltd v Channel Hotels and Properties (UK) Ltd (2003)

Judgment Date: 14 Nov 2003

The holder of the leasehold reversion on a lease had unreasonably refused consent to assignment of the lease by a mortgagee and had waived the right to forfeit the lease for breach of a covenant to carry out and complete the development project expeditiously

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Aylesford & Co ( Estate Agents) Ltd v Al-Habtoor (2003)

Judgment Date: 24 Oct 2003

The defendant was liable to remunerate estate agents for outstanding fees in accordance with the terms of an agency agreement, despite his allegation that he had not received a leaflet containing the agents' terms of business and although the property sale was ultimately concluded without the agents' assistance.

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Aubergine Enterprises Ltd v Lakewood International Ltd (2002)

Judgment Date: 25 Feb 2002

A tenant assignor sufficiently complied with Condition 8.3.4 of the Standard Conditions of Sale 3rd Edition if the landlord had in fact consented to the proposed assignment in correspondence, even though the tenant was unable to produce a licence to assign on completion.

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Edwin Shirley Productions Ltd v Workspace Management Ltd (2001)

Judgment Date: 22 Feb 2001

The claimant had no case on the merits because negotiations had been "subject to contract" and the licence fee had never been paid.

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Nationwide Building Society v Balmer Radmore (1999)

Judgment Date: 02 Feb 1999

Twelve related sample actions against solicitors arising out of losses on mortgage applications made by building society. This report identifies the specific issues related to each individual case

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