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Guaranteed adjournment due to Covid-19? Think again…

Many litigants and court users will be assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on forthcoming hearings and trials.

Edward Meuli discusses the decision of Re One Blackfriars Ltd [2020] EWHC 845 (Ch), where the Court refused an application to adjourn a trial on account of COVID-19, and explores the factors likely to be involved in such applications.

A tale of two cities

Perdoni v Curati reinforces to practitioners the importance of establishing domicile, advises Nigel Thomas.

Source: Private Client Advisor

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Influencing factors

Rosanna Foskett examines the recent judgment in Hart and Samways v Burbidge, which illustrates how the courts will apply the principle of presumed undue influence, even where such influence was not intentional

Source: The Law Society: PS

Counting the Cost

The Court of Appeal case of Thomas v Jeffery reminds practitioners that even late disclosure does not fetter a judge's discretion on costs. Laurie Scher reports

Source: Trusts and Estates Law & Tax Journal

Beneficiaries’ information rights

This article examines, from an English standpoint and by reference to Rosewood v Schmidt and Breakspear v Ackland, the court’s discretion to intervene in the administration of a trust to order disclosure of information to beneficiaries.

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Source: Trusts & Trustees

After Etridge

Nigel Thomas has had his article "After Etridge" published in Trusts and Estates Law and Tax Journal (2014)

Source: Trusts and Estates Law and Tax Journal (2014) No 154 March

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