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Since the formation of Maitland, we have been able to welcome a number of established practitioners, and we hope to continue to be able to do so.

We welcome applications from practitioners of appropriate calibre whatever their level of seniority (and whether from other Chambers or from solicitors' firms). We also welcome informal inquiries from those who would like more information or who are otherwise not ready to make an application.

We have a small standing tenancy committee (currently Rebecca Stubbs QC, Timothy Dutton QCDavid Mumford QC, Timothy Evans, Gregory Banner QC, Catherine Addy QC and Alec McCluskey), whose remit is to deal with inquiries and applications from candidates who are not in pupillage. The committee includes members who have joined us from other Chambers, and who understand the sensitivities and difficulties involved in a move from practice elsewhere.

Any inquiry or application can be made either orally or in writing to the tenancy committee or, if you prefer, to the Head of Chambers.

All inquiries and any application will be treated in the strictest confidence and confined to the tenancy committee and heads of Chambers; not even the fact of an inquiry will be passed on to any other member of Chambers without consent. The final decision on any application is a matter for all members and, before it can be successful, any application must be considered at a meeting of Chambers as a whole.

We aim to deal with all applications as quickly as fairness and the circumstances permit. We are usually able to complete our procedures, including holding a Chambers meeting, within a few weeks; and can do so more quickly if necessary.

We encourage applications from people from all sections of society regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or age.