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Land Registration

The drive for comprehensive registration after enactment of the Land Registration Act 2002 means that most cases involving property rights have the potential for a Land Registration issue. It is an essential element in the ability of Chambers to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary advice and representation.

Our expertise in this area includes;

  • Alteration or rectification of the Register
  • Overriding interests
  • Priorities and unprotected interests
  • Forged or other fraudulent dispositions
  • Claims for an indemnity from the Land Registrar, and
  • Adverse possession

Land Registration issues frequently arise alongside corporate or individual insolvency, landlord and tenant, real property rights such as easements and restrictive covenants, priorities concerning legal charges or mortgages, adverse possession, or claims for equitable remedies such as constructive/resulting trusts or specific performance.  Our expertise in Land Registration matters means that where there is an overlap we are able to provide the necessary advice and representation, either individually or as part of  a team.

Our barristers regularly appear and advise in relation to matters assigned to First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) as well as in the High and County Courts and on appeal.

Our barristers have also advised and represented property owners faced with the need to register rights and titles including in relation to former copyhold or manorial land, and mines and minerals.