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Dispute Resolution

As a pre-eminent set of Chambers, you would expect our barrister to be skilled advocates at all types of litigation, but we believe it is our role to provide more than that. Together with our instructing solicitors and lay clients, we see ourselves as part of the team working to identify and actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution to dispose of the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We recognise that disputes are disruptive to business and are mindful that our role in the team includes considering the commercial ramifications of the dispute as well as the legal analysis. Our objective is to provide advice on time and presented in a clear and understandable way.


Our barristers regularly appear in courts from the Supreme Court down to the First Tier Tribunal and are highly skilled advocates, at all interlocutory and final hearings.  As part of a client’s team, we also take seriously our duty to advise on tactics and legal merits at all stages of the process, including pre-proceedings. We know solicitors sometimes find it useful to discuss cases by telephone without formal instructions being prepared, and we are very happy to help in this way.

Expert determination and arbitration

As well as acting as advocates in litigation, we are also very familiar with acting and advising in expert determinations and arbitration and as a legal advisor to an arbitrator or expert.

In real estate disputes, expert determinations and arbitrations typically, although not exclusively, arise in the context of rent reviews.  We are well used to dealing with these forms of dispute resolution in this context where the more traditional arbitral bodies’ rules do not apply and the arbitrator relies on the lease and the Arbitration Act for guidance.


Mediation is particularly useful in real estate disputes where so often the parties are obliged through a landlord and tenant, lender or neighbour relationship to have an on-going relationship.  We act as advocates in mediations and have a number of skilled mediators in chambers that are able to assist.  When acting as mediators, we are aware that parties often retain mediators with sector specific knowledge on the basis that they should use that knowledge and are well used to treading the line between use of legal and sector knowledge to appropriately challenge and discuss matters without falling into the trap of taking sides or giving advice.