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Real Estate

Maitland Chambers’ expertise in real estate work can be summarised in two words: depth and breadth.

We have leading experts in all areas of property work (both litigious and transactional), from residential enfranchisement to property development, and act for a whole range of clients from private individuals to large multi-national companies.  With a set of the size of Maitland, we are able to offer a barrister with expertise in the right area of property law for any property case on which we are instructed. As a result we are regularly instructed in Privy Council appeals from jurisdictions outside the UK.

Property law is not something which should be considered in isolation from other legal principles.  Advising on property problems and resolving property disputes frequently requires advice on other areas of law too.  With a reputation for excellence in the whole range of modern Chancery work, we can offer barristers with the right expertise in other relevant areas of law and practice. We also advise in relation to real estate issues arising under non-UK law, and act as advocates in real estate disputes in courts outside the UK.


"Widely acclaimed for its bench of talented silks and juniors specialising in the area of property law."

Chambers UK (Real Estate Litigation) 2019