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Real Estate Disputes

Disputes relating to land can take numerous forms whether residential or commercial, freehold or leasehold, property and/or financial claims.

Unlike many business disputes, often the parties will be locked into a continuing relationship with each-other, for example as neighbours or landlord/tenant.  At Maitland we have the expertise to use the mediation process to give the parties the best chance of exploring the dispute, identifying the real issues, and achieving a consensual resolution enabling them to move forward.  In what may well be a complex area of law and/or factual history, our real estate  litigation expertise  enables us to  actively engage with the parties, reality testing where appropriate, so that settlement can be explored with confidence.

Beverley Vara (previously a real estate litigation partner at Allan & Overy LLP) is a full-time mediator whose background makes her an ideal mediator for real estate disputes.

Our Real Estate page (in the left hand menu) demonstrates the very wide range of real property disputes in which we specialise.