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Company/Venture Disputes

Disputes regarding ventures can arise in many contexts including in particular companies and partnerships (whether or not LLP), in many cases involving both issues relating to ownership/shares (including unfair prejudice and minority shareholder, as well as expulsion/dissolution, matters) and financial (including breach of fiduciary duty and proprietary as well as personal) claims.

They may also arise in the event or context of insolvency. Generally, although not always, the parties will wish to achieve “clean-break” resolutions, but the history of the dispute will often have led to mistrust which becomes an obstacle to negotiation which a good mediator can help overcome. Our breadth of chancery and corporate litigation experience enables our mediators to understand, and where appropriate reality test, the parties’ various contentions and desired commercial outcomes so that settlement can be explored with confidence.

The expertise pages of Company, Insolvency & Restructuring, and Partnership (in the left hand menu) demonstrate the very wide range of these disputes in which we specialise.