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Mediation is now an essential part of the litigator’s tool-kit and, increasingly, the litigation process itself. Recent judicial decisions involve the courts both holding that the refusal of a request for mediation is likely to be treated as being unreasonable and imposing a costs sanction as a result.

We take seriously the need to provide a comprehensive mediation offering and, in addition to our extensive experience as advisers and advocates within mediations, many of the barristers of Maitland Chambers are accredited by CEDR or ADR group and accept appointments as mediators.  Our barristers are able to supply not just the usual mediator skills of facilitation but also the specialist knowledge and experience which enables them both to comprehend the legal and commercial issues arising in the dispute and to engage in appropriate and active reality testing with the parties

The team is supported by an experienced group of clerks. All of our mediators are able to mediate a wide variety of disputes, but further information on their individual areas of expertise and experience can be found on their individual profile pages. Our mediators’ rates vary depending on seniority and mediation experience so that, depending on the parties and the nature of the dispute, we can always supply an appropriate mediator, and on occasion and subject to availability, a venue. Our clerks are happy to discuss these and other matters such as availability by telephone or email.

Download our Mediation Brochure:

Download our Mediation Brochure