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Tim Calland

Call 1999


Tim has more than twenty years’ experience providing advice and advocacy across the full range of commercial-chancery litigation. Much of his practice relates to property litigation (including telecommunications-related property litigation), and his broad experience gives him particular expertise in property cases that involve company, insolvency, trust or financial law, as well as related professional negligence.

He has appeared in courts and tribunals at all levels, including in the Supreme Court and in the Court of Appeal on many occasions. He also appears in and has acted as a legal assessor in arbitrations.

The directories report him to be a “superb advocate”, with “an amazing legal brain that can unlock even the trickiest legal problems”, who “impresses peers and clients alike with his unflappable presence in court” and who is “detailed, clever and tough when he needs to be”.

Sources say “he is just very good to work with. Whatever you give him he takes on with such enthusiasm”; he is “very approachable, commercial and great with clients” and “he is capable of picking up a case at very short notice and knowing it inside out and back to front in no time”.

Areas of practice

Real Property

Tim has extensive experience of most kinds of real property litigation, including title to land, rights over land, property-related torts and issues surrounding development and property finance. His clients range from large developers, estates and property funds to individual owners. His experience includes:

  • Restrictive covenants: all issues concerning the construction, effect, enforcement and discharge of restrictive covenants. Recent cases include appearing in the Court of Appeal for the successful appellant in 89 Holland Park Management Ltd v Hicks [2020] EWCA Civ 758 (with John McGhee QC), one of Property Week’s top 10 property cases of 2020
  • Easements: extensive experience of advising on and representing clients in disputes over easements and other prescriptive rights, including the leading modern case on the prescription of several fisheries, Loose v Lynn Shellfish Ltd [2016] UKSC 14, and more recently, representing the successful dominant owner in a claim to a right of way serving a church, The Incumbent of the Benefice of Saul v Hughes (2020)

  • Development and overage agreements: Tim regularly advises on such agreements, and he recently represented Jesus College Oxford in arbitration on the construction of an overage agreement and the valuation of the overage (2018); he represented the successful developer in a recent dispute about the enforcement of an agreement for lease of a new-build retail unit in Ropemaker Properties Ltd v Bella Italia Restaurants Ltd & ors [2018] EWHC 1002 (Ch) (validity of termination notices) and Bella Italia Restaurants v Stane Park Ltd & ors [2019] EWHC 2747 (Ch) (effect of assignment under forward-funding agreement on enforceability of agreement for lease)

  • Water, fisheries and the seashore: recent experience includes claims for urgent injunctive relief to protect water assets belonging to water and sewerage undertakers; advising on a statutory claim against the Environment Agency for compensation following river works to the Thames; representing riparian owners in claims against trespassing boat owners; and representing an ancient landed estate in the Supreme Court in a claim concerning the seaward extent of its prescriptive several fishery in Loose v Lynn Shellfish Ltd [2016] UKSC 14

  • Mines and minerals: Tim represented Network Rail (with John McGhee QC) in the recent case of Tarmac Aggregates Ltd v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd (2019), a claim under the Mining Code to establish the right to excavate limestone surrounding a railway tunnel, which settled on the first day of trial; and, also with John McGhee QC, Tim is representing the appellant in the forthcoming appeal to the Court of Appeal in Branston Properties Ltd v ARC Aggregates Ltd, a case concerning the construction of an exception or reservation of minerals

  • Rights of light: recent experience includes advising on a number of light issues, including advising the dominant owner in a central London development, which resulted in a multi-million pound settlement

  • Utilities and railways: acting for water and sewerage undertakers, electricity undertakers and railway undertakers, including advising on title issues and representation in claims to protect underground and other assets. Tim’s work for Network Rail in a recent Mining Code case has given him a detailed knowledge and understanding of historic railway legislation and related compulsory-purchase legislation and how it affects modern title claims

Telecommunications and property

Tim has significant experience of litigation under the Electronic Communications Code. He mainly acts for landowners and other site-providers, although he has advised and represented Code Operators as well. He has practised in this area under both the old Code and the new Code, in claims in the County Court and more recently in the Upper Tribunal. His experience includes the following:

  • Claims under Paragraph 20 and Paragraph 21 of the old Code
  • Representing the successful developer in one of the few reported decisions under the old Code, PG Lewins Ltd v Hutchison 3G UK Ltd and EE Ltd (2018), in which his client sought to enforce a lift-and-shift agreement and claimed damages for its breach. The operators unsuccessfully claimed the Code gave them statutory immunity from suit. The decision remains important for the interpretation of the new Code
  • Appearing in a number of cases in the Upper Tribunal under the new Code, including one of the most important cases under the new Code, Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v London & Quadrant Housing Trust [2020] UKUT 282 (LC), in which the Tribunal comprehensively set out for the first time the proper approach to the valuation of consideration and compensation for rooftop sites under the new Code; it is also an important decision on sharing and upgrading rights, and on the costs of references under Paragraph 20 of the new Code: Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v London & Quadrant Housing Trust [2020] UKUT 341 (LC)

Landlord and Tenant

All kinds of commercial and residential landlord and tenant litigation. His commercial experience covers the whole range of disputes, including contested lease renewals, dilapidations, rent-review arbitrations. He has a particular interest in the complex issues arising out of tenant insolvency (especially in the retail context); Tim is general editor of Butterworth’s Property Insolvency. Recent experience:

  • Representing the tenant in AEW REIT Plc v Mecca Bingo Ltd (2020), one of four conjoined cases on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tenants’ liability to pay rent under commercial leases, raising the construction of the rent-cesser provisions, implied terms and frustration; this is the first significant case of its kind
  • Advising and representing (with Edwin Johnson QC) the claimant in a claim by a tenant of a retail unit on a retail park to restrain a derogation from grant by the landlord caused by it developing part of the estate as a drive-through Starbucks
  • Representing a national developer in a contested lease renewal relating to a prominent building beside the Thames in London
  • Advising a company that acquired the business of a national retailer in administration on the forfeiture of a lease of a major trading site
  • Advising and representing clients in a variety of dilapidations claims, involving roofs, curtain walling and asbestos

Tim’s residential L&T experience covers both long-lease issues – e.g. service charges, enfranchisement, management issues – and those arising from residential tenancies, including protected, statutory, secure and assured tenancies. Clients include large London estates and registered providers of social housing. Recent cases:

  • Advising the freeholder of a prestigious central-London block of flats on applications to the FTT to vary leases so as to allow compliance with the Heat Network Regulations 2015
  • Advising a high-net-worth client on disrepair issues affecting the penthouse of a central London residential tower
  • Advising and representing a central-London flat-owner in a dispute with a company owned by a middle eastern royal family over its use of an adjoining property
  • Representing a large London landowning estate in a claim for possession of a prime central London property subject to a statutory tenancy under the Rent Act

Mortgage, banking and financial disputes

Tim frequently acts in claims for and against banks. He has a specialism in mortgage litigation, including the creation, construction, priority and enforcement of mortgages, as well as mortgage fraud and mortgage regulation.

  • Representing a high-street bank in its defence of a complex fraud claim arising out of the global financial crisis, valued in the tens of millions of pounds
  • Representing a private bank in a priority dispute in which a subsequent mortgagee alleged misconduct on the part of the bank
  • Representing the purchaser of a substantial central London property in a dispute about whether the sale by a mortgagee bank had passed good title in circumstances where the borrower disputed the bank’s right to sell

He has particular experience of acting for receivers and has spoken at the annual conference of the Non-Administrative Receivers Association. Examples:

  • Advising a major high-street bank on its procedures for appointing fixed-charge receivers
  • Defending receivers in a borrower’s claim that they sold charged property at an undervalue
  • Resisting applications for injunctions restraining receivers from dealing with charged property
  • Advising on the appointment of receivers by way of equitable execution against a world-famous private art collection

Tim also acts in more general banking disputes, including guarantees, security over chattels and choses in action, asset finance and receivables finance, promissory notes, performance bonds, failure-to-lend cases, mis-selling of complex financial products and regulation under the FCA Handbook, e.g.:

  • Representing a bank in a substantial claim for damages by a business customer for the bank’s allegedly wrongful failure to lend it money
  • Representing a bank in a claim for damages by a business customer for the bank’s allegedly negligent operation of its loan-facility account
  • Advising a high-net-worth customer on claims against a bank for mis-selling a complex foreign-currency denominated loan product


Extensive experience of both corporate and personal insolvency. Tim’s experience covers every stage of the insolvency process, including contested petitions and administration applications, contested VAs, proof of claims, directions applications for creditors and office-holders, priority issues between secured creditors and claims relating to antecedent transactions, misfeasance and wrongful and fraudulent trading. Tim has a particular interest in property insolvency.

Tim’s broad experience allows him to bring an imaginative approach to his work. An example is McGuinness v Norwich & Peterborough BS [2011] EWCA Civ 1286, where he argued that a guarantor’s liability to a creditor was unliquidated and so unsuitable as a basis of a bankruptcy petition. The principle was eventually upheld in the Court of Appeal.

Other examples

  • Advising the administrators of a failed property-development company on the application of £15 million of damages awarded in a claim against the contractors who constructed tower blocks with defective and unsafe cladding
  • Advising the liquidators of companies behind a failed fractional-ownership hotel-investment scheme on the recovery of assets from associates of its misfeasant directors
  • Advising and representing a Chinese creditor in his application to place a UK plc into administration
  • Advising liquidators on misfeasance and S.423 claims available following a company’s use of aggressive tax-avoidance schemes that subsequently failed
  • Representing the liquidators of a finance company in TUV and preference claims arising out of the restructuring of a major finance group
  • Representing a trustee in bankruptcy in a long-running claim to recover a property that was subject to an IVA trust and that had been the subject of orders in matrimonial proceedings between the bankrupt and his wife

Commercial disputes and asset recovery

Tim has substantial experience of business-to-business disputes and broader commercial litigation in a wide range of contexts and is able to bring his broad knowledge to find creative ways of approaching such cases. Examples include:

  • Representing the respondent to a Norwich Pharmacal application against a UAE-based professional who was prevented from disclosing information in his possession by UAE criminal law; part of the long-running Ablyazov litigation
  • Representing a well-known middle eastern family, intervening in the UTB LLC v Sheffield United Ltd litigation (2019), to obtain orders to protect confidential information from being disclosed during the course of evidence in the trial
  • A substantial claim by a finance house against a train manufacturer relating to the manufacture of train seats
  • A claim relating to defective property arising out of a fraudulently procured insurance policy
  • A claim to recover assets for a group of victims of a fraudulent forex-trading Ponzi scheme

Company and Partnership

Every kind of internal company and partnership dispute, including disputes between shareholders and between partners, claims against directors and partners, derivative claims, minority shareholders’ claims, partnership accounts. Recent examples:

  • Puzitskaya v St Pauls Mews (Islington) Ltd [2017] EWHC 905 (Ch), part of a claim to recover land allegedly fraudulently removed from a small central-London residential estate
  • Re Nexbell Ltd (2020), a derivative claim brought by a shareholder of a property-investment company to avoid a transaction effected by a self-dealing director

Professional negligence

Experience of claims against professionals relating to his main areas of practice (both claimant and defendant), including against solicitors (especially in property-related claims), accountants (especially in tax-related claims), receivers, valuers and architects. By way of example, Tim has recently advised a property-investment company on multi-million pound claims against solicitors arising out of the failure of fractional-ownership care-home schemes.

Traditional chancery

He also represents clients in disputes concerning the construction of wills, the appointment and removal of trustees and executors, in contentious probate matters and in cases concerning vulnerable elderly clients. Recent examples of work:

  • Representing a professional pension trustee in an urgent claim to compel its co-trustee to complete a disposal of part of the pension fund assets
  • Representing executors in a claim to establish title to real property assets owned by the deceased under an assumed name

Terms of work

The clerks are happy to discuss the basis on which Tim will act in any given matter. In the absence of express written agreement otherwise, the terms under which Tim accepts instructions are The Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services By Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (as updated from time to time) referred to in the BSB Handbook.

Notable cases include

Branston Properties Ltd v ARC Aggregates Ltd (2021); construction of a reservation or exception of minerals in a conveyance of land

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v London & Quadrant Housing Trust [2020] UKUT 282 (LC); application to impose Code agreement on landowner under Part 4 of the Electronics Communications Code; sets out proper approach to consideration, compensation, sharing rights and upgrading rights

Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v London & Quadrant Housing Trust [2020] UKUT 341 (LC); costs of reference under Paragraph 20 of new Electronic Communications Code

89 Holland Park Management Ltd v Hicks [2020] EWCA Civ 758; whether covenantee of building covenant with a power to approve plans could withhold approval on aesthetic grounds even though it only had a reversionary interest in the benefitted land

The Incumbent of the Benefice of Saul v Hughes (2020); claim to a prescriptive right of way to a church

Bella Italia Restaurants v Stane Park Ltd & ors [2019] EWHC 2747 (Ch); effect of assignment of reversionary interest in land under a forward-funding agreement on the enforceability of an agreement for lease

Tarmac Aggregates Ltd v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd (2019); claim by minerals company to establish rights over railway land under the Mining Code, turning on whether dolomitic limestone is a “mineral” within the meaning of the code

Ropemaker Properties Ltd v Bella Italia Restaurants Ltd & ors [2018] EWHC 1002 (Ch); validity of termination notices under an agreement for lease

PG Lewins Ltd v Hutchison 3G UK Ltd and EE Ltd (2018); whether Electronic Communications Code operators had statutory immunity from suit for breach of lift-and-shift agreement

Puzitskaya v St Pauls Mews (Islington) Ltd [2017] EWHC 905 (Ch); construction of a company’s articles of association in the light of changes to the law in the Companies Act 2006

Jones v Oven [2017] EWHC 1647 (Ch); construction of restrictive covenants

Virdi v RK Joinery Ltd [2016] EWCA Civ 539; appeal against a third-party costs order against a non-party

Loose v Lynn Shellfish Ltd [2016] UKSC 14; effect of accretion to foreshore on prescriptive several fishery

Banwaitt Dewji [2015] EWHC 3441 (Ch); overreaching of equitable charge on sale of beneficial interest in property

Jones v Longley [2015] EWHC 3362 (Ch); removal of executors

Virdi v RK Joinery Ltd [2014] EWHC 3492 (Ch); [2014] All ER(D) 318; third party costs order against witness whose evidence was rejected at trial

Redd Factors Ltd v Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd [2014] EWHC 3138 (QB); [2014] All ER(D) 250; substantial commercial case about manufacturing train seats

Loose v Lynn Shellfish Ltd [2014] EWCA Civ 846; [2015] 2 WLR 643; effect of accretion to foreshore on several fishery

Gardner v Clydesdale Bank Plc [2013] EWHC 4356 (Ch); defending claim against bank by developer after failed property development

Smeaton v Equifax Plc [2013] EWCA Civ 108; [2013] 2 All ER 959; [2013] Info TLR 1; [2013] BPIR 231; duty owed by credit reference agencies, in tort and under Data Protection Act

Brune v Perkins [2013] EWHC 2977 (QB), [2013] All ER(D) 147; substantial case concerning defective property and fraudulently procured insurance policy

Rubin v Dweck [2012] BPIR 854, represented trustee in bankruptcy in claim to set aside a property transfer under S.423 IA 1986

McGuinness v Norwich & Peterborough BS [2011] EWCA Civ 1286; [2012] 2 All ER (Comm) 265; [2012] 2 BCLC 233; [2012] BPIR 145; whether a creditor was entitled to present a bankruptcy petition based on a guarantee liability that was actionable in damages only

Clark Clark [2011] EWHC 2746 (Ch); dispute over testamentary option

Messih v McMillan Williams & Ors [2010] EWCA 844; [2010] CPRep 41; [2010] 6 Costs LR 914; costs on discontinuance of professional negligence claim where one defendant had settled whole liability

Re Capitol Films Ltd [2010] EWHC 2240 (Ch); contested asset sale in administration

QFS Scaffolding Ltd v Sable [2010] EWCA Civ 682; [2010] L&TR 30; surrender of lease by operation of law where tenant in administration

Irish Reel Productions Ltd v Capitol Films Ltd [2010] EWHC 180 (Ch); [2010] BusLR 854; [2010] BCC 588; costs of winding-up petition as administration expense

Omotajo v Omotajo [2008] All ER(D)156; occupation rights under TOLATA

Clark v Clark [2007] All ER(D) 186; construction of will

Williamson v Governor & Company of the Bank of Scotland [2006] EWHC 1289 (Ch); [2006] BPIR 1085; applicability of UTCCR 1999 to personal guarantee given by member of LLP to bank

Southwark LBC v Mohammed [2006] EWHC 305 (Ch); [2006] All ER(D) 77; bankruptcy and council-tax liability orders

Coulter Chief of Dorset Police (No.2) [2005] EWCA Civ 1113; [2006] BPIR 10; abuse of process and relitigation of issues in bankruptcy

Coulter v Chief of Dorset Police [2004] EWCA Civ 1259; [2005] 1 WLR 130; [2005] BPIR 62; bankruptcy and assignment of choses in action

Arnold v Harvey [2004] EWHC 3035 (QB); enforcement of restrictive covenant

Sadrolashrafi v Marvel International Food Logistics Ltd [2004] EWHC 777 (Ch); [2004] BPIR 834; fresh evidence in bankruptcy appeal

Career, publications and memberships

Tim graduated from UCL with a first in philosophy. He was a Hardwicke, Sir Thomas More and Megarry scholar at Lincoln’s Inn and was called to the bar in 1999. He is a member of the Bar Council’s Law Reform Committee.

He is general editor of Butterworth’s Property Insolvency (2015), a new textbook produced by a team of barristers and by lawyers and other professionals from Pinsent Masons LLP and Grant Thornton UK LLP.

Tim has also contributed to property and equity topics in Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law (3rd edition, Sweet & Maxwell)), and to The Landlord and Tenant Factbook (Sweet & Maxwell) and Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation and Practice (Butterworths). He regularly writes articles and has recently written for Estates Gazette, Journal of International Financial and Banking Law, Practical Law Company and R3’s Recovery magazine.


Chancery Bar Association
Insolvency Lawyers Association
Property Bar Association


Chambers UK, 2021

Chancery: Commercial
"He is incredibly calming and never gets flustered. When you want a client to know everything is going to be fine, Tim Calland is your man. He takes a very methodical, well thought-through and commercial view and is brilliant at breaking down complex issues." "Incredibly intelligent and interminably amicable in equal measure - he's someone you always want in your corner."

Chambers UK, 2021

Real Estate Litigation
"Tim has always been responsive, thorough and provided advice in a user-friendly way for the client to digest." "Very easy to deal with despite his enormous intellect."

Legal500, 2021

Property Litigation
"Exceptional client skills and relevant expertise in the field of property litigation."

Legal500, 2021

"Significant, appropriate expertise and exceptional client skills." 

Chambers UK, 2020

Chancery: Commercial
"He's a technically sound and excellent advocate, with attention to detail." "He's responsive, user-friendly, thorough and extremely knowledgeable."

Chambers UK, 2020

Real Estate Litigation
"He is incredibly user-friendly and able to distil complicated information into simple terms." "He is incredibly bright and very commercial." "He is very practical and calm."

Legal 500, 2017

Property Litigation
"He assimilates large amounts of information quickly, and formulates good strategies and creative solutions."

Legal 500, 2017

"Particularly rated for property-related insolvencies."

Chambers UK, 2017

Chancery: Commercial
"He is really easy to deal with and extremely good with difficult clients - he's extremely down-to-earth and really understands the commercial side of things."

Chambers UK, 2017

Real Estate Litigation
"A fantastic advocate who remains calm in a crisis and provides sharp, commercially focused advice on all instructions. A force to be reckoned with in the courtroom." "Very able and knows his stuff inside and out."

Chambers UK, 2016

Chancery: Commercial

"He is just very good to work with. Whatever you give him he takes it on with such enthusiasm."

Chambers UK, 2016

Real Estate Litigation

"He has a calm but confident manner with clients. He does not rush into responses but gives considered and detailed answers." "He provides very commercial advice."

Legal 500, 2015


"Very approachable, commercial and great with clients"

Legal 500, 2015

Property Litigation

Chambers UK, 2015

Chancery: Commercial

"A very good junior for commercial disputes of all types."

Chambers UK, 2015

Property Litigation

"He is clever and approachable, and has an excellent knowledge of property law."

Legal 500

“Thorough and determined.” (2014)

“He is clever and charming, a most effective advocate, and works hard for his clients.” (2014)

“Technically and tactically sound”; “eminently approachable and pragmatic” (2012)

"Excellent with clients, commercial and down to earth" (2012)

"Superb advocate" (2011)

"One of the future stars of the bar" (2011)

Chambers UK

“He has an excellent client manner, and he is capable of picking up a case at very short notice and knowing it inside out and back to front in no time. He is an excellent advocate.” (2014)

“Very good and thorough.” (2014)

"Clever and approachable." (2013)

"An excellent knowledge of both property law and insolvency law." (2013)

"Impressive, incredibly hard-working and very bright." (2013)

"Very much a rising star at the Chancery Bar." (2012)

"Very clever, extremely capable and will go far." (2012)

"Superb advocate" (2011)

"Knows his stuff, and is detailed, clever and tough when he needs to be." (2011)

"Terrifically confident and unflappable at all times." (2010)

"Amazing legal brain that can unlock even the trickiest of problems." (2010)

"His practical commercial focus and team ethos"ensure a steady flow of instructions." (2010)

"Broad and extensive knowledge." (2010)

"Impresses peers and clients alike with his 'unflappable presence in court and user-friendliness.'" (2009)

"Terrifically astute and employs his great intellect to good effect." (2008)

"Quick wits and ability to handle tricky disputes." (2007)

"He's as intelligent as you would expect a Chancery junior to be but also very commercially minded and tremendously good with clients." (2007)