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Thomas Grant QC

Call 1993
Silk 2013


Thomas practises in the commercial chancery, fraud, professional negligence, company, property, and art and entertainment fields, as well as being instructed in a wide range of general chancery and commercial litigation. He practises mainly in the Chancery Division and Commercial Court, as well as in the BVI, and has particular experience in heavy multi-party disputes. Regarded as one of the leading advocates at the commercial chancery Bar, Thomas spends a good part of his professional life in the courtroom and has appeared in a very large number of reported decisions. His advocacy has been commended by the Court of Appeal as “lucid and compelling” (Zinda BOS) and as “engaging and very able” (Platform Home Loans BOS).

He is the general editor of two leading textbooks: Grant and Mumford on Civil Fraud: Law, Practice and Procedure (2018, Sweet and Maxwell) and Tomlinson and Grant on Lender Claims (2010, Sweet and Maxwell). He is also a contributor to Flenley and Leech on Solicitors’ Negligence and Liabilities (2012, Bloomsbury, new edition forthcoming in 2019). Thomas also has an interest in legal history and has written two bestselling general interest books, Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories (2015) and Court Number One (2019).

Thomas has a particular interest in fraud claims and is well known for his expertise in obtaining and defending freezing and related interim orders. He is also well known for his experience in committal applications arising out of fraud claims, having been instructed in three of the leading cases: Newson-Smith v Al Zawawi [2017] EWHC 1876 (QB) (requisite mens rea when respondent alleged to have made a false statement); JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov [2011] EWHC 1522 (Comm) (case management of claim with multiple counts); Sectorguard Plc v Dienne Plc [2009] EWHC 2693 (Ch) (abuse of process; strike out).

He is also instructed to provide chancery and company law input in very high value matrimonial disputes and has appeared on a number of occasions in leading cases in the Family Division.

In recent years Thomas has been involved in a number of important and high profile cases including Gwinnutt v George [2019] EWCA Civ 656 (barristers’ fees; meaning of property under Insolvency Act); Galazi v Christoforou [2019] EWHC 670 (Ch) (fiduciary duties; leading case on meaning of discontinuance); Cunico Resources v Daskalakis [2018] EWHC 3382 (Comm); [2019] EWHC 57 (Comm) (multi-jurisdictional dispute, Lugano Convention; leading decision on default judgment); Fundingsecure v Green [2019] (claim against well-known art dealer in fraud, contempt of court); UBS v Rose Capital Ventures [2018] EWHC 3137 (Ch) (very high value mortgage claim; applicability of Braganza duties to lenders; striking out various defences); Fredericks v Positive Solutions [2018] EWCA Civ 431 (vicarious liability of financial advisors; appeal to Supreme Court compromised); Ashdown v Griffin [2018] EWCA Civ 1793 (costs in unfair prejudice claims) Company 1 v Company 2 [2018] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 115 (Arbitration Act, freezing orders); Newson-Smith v Al Zawawi [2017] EWHC 1876 (QB) (committal/CPR Part 71); J Toomey Motors v Chevrolet (UK) Ltd [2017] EWHC 276 (Comm) (franchise agreements, repudiatory breach); Skelwith (Leisure) LtdArmstrong [2016] 1 Ch 345 (mortgagees’ remedies); Metropolitan Housing Trust v Taylor [2015] EWHC 2897 (Ch) and [2015] EWCA Civ 1595 (test for freezing orders); Santander v R A Legal [2014] PNLR 20 (breach of trust, section 61 of the Trustee Act); Aeroflot v Berezovsky [2014] 1 CLC 53 (Court of Appeal, enforcement of foreign judgments); In Re the Estate of Platon Elenin (Aka Boris Berezovsky) [2014] EWCA Civ 431 (confidential information); Gorbunova Berezovsky [2013] EWHC 76 (Ch) (£300m freezing order); Balgobin South West Regional Health Authority [2013] 1 AC 582 (election and estoppel, Privy Council); Scullion Bank of Scotland [2011] 1 WLR 3212 (duty of care owed by surveyors); JSC BTA Bank Ablyazov [2010] EWCA Civ 1141, [2011] EWHC 1522 (Comm), [2011] EWHC 2664 (Comm) (receivership/freezing order applications, featured as one of the top cases of 2011 by Legal Week); Milsom Ablyazov [2012] Lloyd’s Rep FC 98 (privilege against self-incrimination); the litigation concerning Halliwells’ former offices; the 107 Cheapside litigation (Menolly Cerep (2009) 125 Con LR 75); IPCO Nigerian National Petroleum Company ([2009] 1 Lloyds Rep 89); the 2009 Skype Joltid litigation (concerning rights to the source code of Skype); Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ferrero Rocher, and the Ritz Hotel fraud claims.

For a number of years Thomas was a consulting editor of the Lloyds Law Reports, Professional Negligence. Thomas has also previously co-authored two books in the professional negligence and property fields.

Thomas is a member of the Chancery Bar Association, sits on the committee of the Professional Negligence Bar Association, and is a member of COMBAR. He is recommended for commercial chancery, real estate litigation and professional negligence in Chambers UK 2019, and for dispute resolution in Chambers Global. He is also recommended for professional negligence, commercial litigation, company and partnership, and professional negligence in Legal 500 UK 2019.

Recent work includes:

Commercial Chancery/Fraud Law

Gwinnutt v George [2019] EWCA Civ 656 (a decision which has attracted considerable attention concerning the question of whether barristers’ expectation of fees is “property” within the meaning of the Insolvency Act)

Galazi v Christoforou [2019] EWHC 670 (Ch) (now the leading decision on what constitutes a partial discontinuance of claims for the purpose of CPR Part 38, indemnity costs)

Re Dores, 8 February 2019, BVI Commercial Court, fortification of cross-undertaking in damages.

Hanson v Carlino (2018-ongoing), proprietary injunctions, cross-examination, principles on which bench warrants will be granted.

Cunico Resources v Daskalakis [2018] EWHC 3382 (Comm); [2019] EWHC 57 (Comm); [2019] EWHC 345 (Comm) (multi-jurisdictional dispute, Lugano Convention; leading decision on default judgment)

• Company 1 v Company 2 [2017] EWHC 3219 (Arbitration Act, freezing orders, jurisdiction of the English court to make orders under section 44 in relation to foreign arbitrations).

• Newson-Smith v Al Zawawi [2017] EWHC 1876 (QB) (committal/CPR Part 71).

• Galazi v Christroforou [2017] EWHC 2042 (Ch) (capacity to act/indemnity costs).

• J Toomey Motors Ltd v Chevrolet [2017] EWHC 276 (Comm) - claims by car dealerships for alleged repudiatory breach of distribution agreements: 5 day trial.

Agents’ Mutual v Moginie James [2016] EWHC 3384 (Ch) and [2016] EWHC B34 (Ch) (misrepresentation, disclaimers, property portals).

• Skelwith (Leisure) LtdArmstrong [2016] 1 Ch 345 – multi-party proceedings concerning mortgagees’ remedies in case relating to alleged sale by mortgagee to an associate.

• Metropolitan Housing Trust v Taylor [2015] EWHC 2897 (Ch) discharge of freezing order; case examines principles on which freezing orders will be granted.

• Thomas appeared in the Court of Appeal in Aeroflot v Berezovsky [2014] EWCA Civ 20 (enforcement of foreign judgments), In Re the Estate of Platon Elenin (Aka Boris Berezovsky) [2014] CA (confidential information).

• Gorbunova Berezovsky [2013] EWHC 76 (Ch). Thomas was instructed with Anthony Trace QC for Boris Berezovsky on his successful application to set aside a £300million freezing order.

• Bank of Scotland plc Greville Developments (2012-2013). Alleged mortgage fraud, freezing orders, cross-examination on affidavit.

• Appeal concerning the proper approach to valuing shares under a buy-out order after a finding of unfair prejudice.

• HSH Nordbank Ltd Saad Air [2012] EWHC 3213 (Comm). Aircraft financing; right to inspect court file.

• Acted for the bank in the important Court of Appeal decision in Zinda Bank of Scotland plc [2012] 1 WLR 728, concerning enforcement of suspended possession orders. This decision will affect mortgage possession practice across the country.

• Thomas was one of the lead juniors in JSC BTA Bank Ablyazov and was involved in a number of hearings in 2010 and 2011, including the committal directions hearing (Teare J), the security for costs application (Teare J), and the funding application (Christopher Clarke J).

• Clipper Logistics Group Ltd Monsoon Accessorize Ltd [2011] EWHC 419 (Ch). Construction of indemnity clause in compromise agreement.

• Acted for Mr Ablyazov in Milsom Ablyazov [2011] EWHC 1846 (Ch), [2012] Lloyd’s Rep FC 98 (Roth J) (leading Alexander Winter), an important decision on the privilege against self-incrimination.

• Acted in the trial in Rok plc S Harrison Group Ltd [2011] EWHC 270 (Comm), (leading Alexander Winter), relating to sufficiency of notice in a warranty claim.

• Appeared at trial for defendant in Everton Football Club Sail Group [2011] EWHC 126 (QB) in breach of warranty claim concerning a football tournament in South Africa.

• Appeared (leading Thomas Munby) on 7 day application to discharge freezing and search orders/strike out parts of the claim in Irish Response Ltd Direct Beauty Products [2011] EWHC 37 (QB), a claim for alleged inducement of breach of a distribution agreement and conspiracy.

• JSC BTA Bank Ablyazov [2010] EWHC 1779 (Comm); [2010] EWCA Civ 1141. Appeared (with Anthony Trace QC and Duncan Matthews QC) for the defendant on claimant’s application for appointment of interim receivers, in the context of one of the largest claims ever brought in an English court.

• Menolly Cerep [2009] EWHC 516 (Ch), (2009) 125 Con LR 75. Appeared (with David Friedman QC and Anthony Trace QC) for the defendant vendor in relation to claim over the £150million sale of 107 Cheapside.

• Instructed by Joltid Limited in claim relating to ownership of the Skype source code (led by Mark Vanhegan QC) – Skype Joltid (2009).

• Acted, leading Jonathan Allcock, in Sectorguard plc Dienne plc [2009] EWHC 2693 (Ch), a successful application to strike out a committal application in the context of a confidential information case.

• Acted for the claimant in the IPCO NNPC litigation, concerning the enforcement of a New York Convention award [2009] 1 Lloyd's Rep 89 (led by Michael Lyndon-Standford QC).

• Instructed in the warranty claim of Reid Capita [2008] EWHC 2722 (Ch) (led by Anthony Trace QC).

• Appeared (leading Thomas Munby) in Apvodedo Collins [2008] EWHC 775 (Ch), raising issues concerning common law mistake.

• Acted for Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi at the jurisdiction hearing, and later hearings, of its claim for conspiracy against the Ferrero Rocher companies, reported as Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Baskan Gida [2004] 2 Lloyds Law Rep 395 and [2008] EWHC 659 (Ch).

• Two week wrongful dismissal/share sale trial in 2008 (leading Alec McCluskey): Shilton Holdings Knowles.

• Appeared (with Anthony Trace QC for the claimant in the Ritz Hotel fraud claim, London Allied Holdings Ltd Lee [2007] All ER (D) 25 (Sep), raising issues concerning constructive trusts in respect of moneys procured by deceit.

• Appeared on behalf of the insurer defendant in Noblebright Ltd Sirius UK [2007] Lloyds Rep IR 584, [2007] All ER (D) 120 (Apr), concerning alleged waiver of right to disclosure of material information by insurer.

• Instructed by Cleveland Bridge UK Limited in the litigation concerning Wembley Stadium against Multiplex plc. Appeared (with Hugh Tomlinson QC and Simon Hargreaves QC) in four week preliminary issues trial: Multiplex Constructions Cleveland Bridge (UK) (2006) 98 Con LR 1.

• Appeared in franchise agreement case of CBR (Wakefields) Ltd v Puccino’s Ltd (No 2) [2006] All ER (D) 374 (Nov), where the court was persuaded court to exercise its Barrell jurisdiction to recall an earlier draft judgment.

• Acted for the claimant in substantial four week High Court product liability/sale of goods trial Trac Time Controls Rowan & Moss [2005] All ER (D) 06 (Jan) (LTL, 26 January 2005). Damages of over £1.5million awarded.

• Instructed in development agreement case of Intense Investments Development Ventures [2005] BLR 478.

• Acted for Lola Cars plc at trial of a conspiracy claim in 2005 arising out of the award of chassis building contract for the American Indie Racing League.

• Acted for HH Maximillian von Habsburg in long-running Commercial Court proceedings flowing from decision in Dyer Piclux SA [2004] EWHC 1266 (Comm).

• Instructed at the jurisdiction hearing in the case of Network Telecom (Europe) Ltd Telephone Systems International Inc [2004] 1 All ER (Comm) 418, concerning Afghan telecoms.

• Instructed in the longrunning Westminster Oil and Gas Bordbar litigation, relating to the sale of helicopters to the Angolan government.

• Instructed in substantial High Court fraud case Frenstorm Ltd Irvin [2003] EWHC 402 (QB) arising out of purchase of chain of amusement arcades.

• Appeared on behalf of successful appellant in Northern Foods Ltd Focal Foods Ltd [2001] EWCA (Civ) 1262, involving forward commodity contracts.

• Appeared for claimant in Bolton Group (International) Ltd Keegan [2001] All ER (D) 96 (May), a case about share sales.

• Frequently instructed in sale of goods cases including the leading case on rejection of goods, Truk Tokmakidis [2000] 1Lloyds Rep 543, and a multi-million claim concerning defective caravans.


• Instructed in very substantial unfair prejudice proceedings Milton v Milton (2017-2019).

• 5 day hearing in July 2017 in Storca Intertrans Corp. and others v Norvalo (Overseas) Ltd, BVI Commercial Court.

• Appeared in the appeal in Ashdown v Griffin [2018] EWCA Civ 1793 in which the Court of Appeal considered the allocation of costs after unfair prejudice proceedings had succeeded but had a led to a buy-out order

• Appeared in the leading unfair prejudice appeal of Re Tobian [2013] Bus LR 753.

Professional Negligence

• Currently instructed in CNM Estates (Tolworth Tower) Ltd v VeCrREF [2018] EWHC 2838 (Comm), involving alleged breach of receivers’ and estate agents’ duty in relation to the disposal of a substantial commercial and residential block.

•  Currently instructed in the appeal from Addlesee v Dentons Europe LLP [2018] EWHC 3010 (Ch) , involving interelationship between disclaimer, dissolution of companies and loss of privilege

• Barclays Bank plc v TBS&V Ltd [2016] EWHC 2948 (QB). Valuers’ negligence, relating to complex valuation of a care home (8 day trial).

• Santander v R A Legal [2014] PNLR 20. Court of Appeal, breach of trust by solicitor, section 61 of the Trustee Act)

• Redstone Mortgages Countrywide Surveyors (14 January 2013). Valuer’s negligence.

•Connells Survey & Valuation Ltd v MPG Investments LLP[2012] EWHC 4071 (Ch) (assessment of damages in surveyors’ negligence case)

• Mortgage Agency Services Number Five Limited Optima, 2012, High Court trial of solicitors’ negligence claim, raising issues of duties under fast-track remortgaging retainers.

• CHL Mortgages Countrywide Surveyors [2011] 3 EGLR 153. Appropriation of damages. Thomas successfully argued that the manner in which a lender had appropriated the proceeds of sale of its security meant that it had suffered no loss arising from the alleged negligence of the defendant.

• Appeared (led by Tom Leech QC) in Court of Appeal in the seminal decision in Scullion Bank of Scotland [2011] 1 WLR 3212 (CA).

• Appeared for the defendant (leading Alexander Winter) in the important Court of Appeal decision in Platform Home Loans Bank of Scotland [2009] 2 WLR 1016. Moore-Bick LJ described Thomas' submissions as "engaging and very able".

• Acted for defendant in George Countrywide Surveyors Ltd [2009] Lloyds Rep PN 141.

• Currently acting for numerous lending institutions in substantial multi-case claims against solicitors and valuers.

• Acted for defendant (leading Alec McCluskey) in a claim (the first of its kind) brought by a barrister suing for fees under a public access agreement. The 3 day strike out hearing is reported at Dunn Glass Systems (UK) Ltd [2007] Adj.L.R. 07/11.

• Instructed in claim against city firm in relation to acquisition of valuable central London lease. Claim settled for £900,000 2 weeks before trial to be heard in October 2007.

• Instructed in claim against a firm of solicitors arising out acquisition of premises to be used as a kitchen for substantial home-delivery company. Claim settled for £750,000 in summer 2007.

• Currently instructed in numerous cases involving alleged negligence relating to conveyancing transactions.

• Acted for the successful defendant in the valuer’s negligence case of Preferred Mortgages Ltd Countrywide plc [2006] PNLR 9 raising issues of bracket and expert evidence.

• Acted cted for the successful defendant in a solicitors’ negligence case relating to alleged negligent advice where the claimant asserted that he was the victim of undue influence, one of the first such cases: Bowser Caley and Brooke North (17 February 2006, LTL), a two week Chancery Division trial.

• Appeared for the successful appellant in the Court of Appeal case of Aldi plc Holmes Building plc [2005] PNLR 9, an appeal in the multi-party Dallow Road litigation, which eventually settled 2 weeks into a three month trial.

• Appeared for the successful appellant in the Court of Appeal case of Sweetman Nathan [2004] PNLR 7, concerning abuse of process and res judicata questions in high value solicitor’s negligence claim.

• Instructed on behalf of Abbey Life Assurance plc in very substantial valuer’s negligence claim concerning the valuation of 6 nursing homes, settled shortly before trial.

• Acted for successful valuers in trial of Preferred Mortgages Countrywide plc [2003] All ER (D) 262 (May), raising issues of interest, contributory negligence.

• Instructed on behalf of defendant accountants in 5 day hearing in the Chancery Division involving issues concerning the role of experts and specific disclosure, Stephen Hill Partnership Supaglazing [2002] All ER (D) 229 (Oct).

• Acted for the successful appellant in the Court of Appeal solicitor’s negligence case of Kenburgh Investments (Northern) Ltd David Yablon Minton (2001) BCC 648.

• Instructed by Chris Evans in a surveyor’s negligence arising out of the purchase of Hascombe Court.

• Instructed by Bank of Scotland on a fraud claim against a solicitor. Claim settled in April 2006 just before trial, but continued between other parties: St Pauls Travellers Okporuah [2006] EWHC 2107(Ch)

• Instructed by Bank of Scotland/Halifax in 2006 in a claim against an allegedly fraudulent solicitor in relation to over 10 mortgage applications. Claim worth many £milllions.

• Acted on behalf of Halifax plc in the global mediation of its solicitors’ negligence claims (exceeding 100 separate cases).

• Instructed by numerous banks and building societies in solicitors’ and surveyors’ negligence cases. Especial expertise in negligence claims relating to property transactions with numerous ongoing cases concerning claims concerning defective leases.

Real Property and Landlord and Tenant

• UBS v Rose Capital Ventures [2018] EWHC 3137 (Ch) (high value mortgage proceedings; abuse of process; extent to which Braganza principles apply to lenders)

South Warwickshire v Littler [2019] EWHC 633 (Ch) (Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, section 30(1)(f), appeal)

Hawk Recovery v Hall [2016] BPIR 169 and (on appeal) [2017] 4 WLR 40 (bare trusts, possession orders, insolvency)

• Skelwith (Leisure) LtdArmstrong [2016] 1 Ch 345 – multi-party proceedings concerning mortgagees’ remedies in case relating to alleged sale by mortgagee to an associate.

• Bank of Scotland plc v Forrester [2014] EWHC 2036; [2014] 2 P&CR DG19 (mortgage, implied trusts)

• Bank of Scotland plc Qutb [2013] CP Rep 14 (CA). Personal liability for costs on the basis of a breach of warranty of authority of intermeddler in mortgage litigation.

• Hague Farming Ltd Hague (2012), 5 week trial of proprietary estoppel claims.

• Acted for the bank in the important Court of Appeal decision in Zinda Bank of Scotland plc [2012] 1 WLR 728, concerning enforcement of suspended possession orders. This decision will affect mortgage possession practice across the country.

• Acted (leading James Sheehan) in claim against former partners in Halliwells in claim on authorised guarantee agreements relating to the firm’s former premises.

• Acted for the bank in Bank of Scotland Hussain [2010] EWHC 2812 (Ch), [2012] EWCA Civ 264 (leading Laurie Scher). Raising issues of estoppel and capacity in mortgage lending context.

• Acted for appellant on appeal in Dominion Debenhams [2010] 23 EG 106 (CS), a case concerning contractual termination procedures. The appeal was compromised.

• Appeared in break clause case of Hexstone Holdings AHC Westlink Ltd [2010] 2 EGLR 13.

• Appeared in the Lands Tribunal in Clarke Murphy [2009] 22 EG 118 (CS), which upheld a claim that certain properties were subject to a building scheme.

• Appeared (leading Alexander Winter) for the successful tenant in the Court of Appeal case of Andre Robinson [2007] All ER (D) 235 (Dec), considering issues of surrender of leases in Rent Act cases.

• Instructed in case of Hepworht Group Ltd Stockley concerning proceedings for specific performance of a contract to purchase a hotel, later reported at [2007] 2 All ER (Comm) 82.

• Appeared at trial of Walsh Alderson, a decision involved consideration of the Court of Appeal judgment in Crest Nicholson Residential (South) Ltd McAllister [2004] 1 WLR 2409.

• Instructed by Mr Lakshmi Mittal (led by Andrew Hochhauser QC) in defence of claim brought by agent for commission arising out of purchase of what was reported as the world’s most expensive house.

• Appeared for the successful appellant in the Court of Appeal in the leading case of CPL Distribution Starmark [2002] Ch 306, concerning time of the essence clauses in rent review provisions (led by Kim Lewison QC).

• Instructed in Hart Investments Ltd Burton Hotels [2002] L&TR 8, involving construction of a commercial lease.

• Appeared in Intense Investments Development Ventures Limited [2005] BLR 478, concerning development agreements.

Art and Entertainment Law

• Instructed by Valentino Rossi’s manager in claim brought by Mr Rossi concerning termination of the management contract.

• Instructed by Joltid Limited in claim relating to Skype (led by Mark Vanhegan QC) – Skype Joltid.

• Appeared on behalf David and Victoria Beckham in relation to their claim for breach of confidence against their former nanny, Abbie Gibson.

• Acted for Archbishop of Westminster in relation to application for third party disclosure in the Ivereigh Associated Newspapers libel case.

• Instructed by the Saatchi Gallery in a claim brought against a well-known painter for breach of contract.

• Instructed by the Marlborough Gallery (led by Michael Briggs QC) in defending a very substantial undue influence and breach of fiduciary duty claim brought by the estate of the artist Francis Bacon: Clarke Marlborough Fine Art Ltd (No 2) [2002] 1 WLR 1731 and Clarke Marlborough Fine Art Ltd (No 3) [2002] EWHC 11 (Ch). The claim was settled shortly before a three month trial was due to commence.

• Acted for 118 118 in relation to claim made by the runner David Bedford arising out image rights issues relating to the two 118 118 runners.

• Instructed by Viscount Boyle in a claim to recover the Boyle family paintings.

• Acted for owners in claims to recover various high value Mesopotamian artefacts.

• Instructed by Glynn Williams in relation to a claim for damage to certain of his sculptures lent to a museum.

• Acted for Mike Nolan in the litigation concerning the pop band “Bucks Fizz”.

• Instructed by antiquarian book dealers in relation to contract to catalogue and sell high value collection.

• Instructed by boxing promoter Frank Warren in a solicitors’ negligence claim arising out of this dispute with Don King.

General Chancery

• Instructed by the Marlborough Gallery in defending a very substantial undue influence and breach of fiduciary duty claim brought by the estate of the artist Francis Bacon: Clarke Marlborough Fine Art Ltd (No 2) [2002] 1 WLR 1731 and ClarkeMarlborough Fine Art Ltd (No 3) [2002] EWHC 11. The claim was settled shortly before a three month trial was due to commence.

• Acted in case In re Trusts of X Charity [2003] 1 WLR 2751, Beddoe proceedings relating to an action brought in US against an English charity (led by Michael Briggs QC).

• Frequently instructed by banks and building societies on mortgage claims, including issues of undue influence, subrogation and title rectification.


Lender Claims (2010, Sweet & Maxwell), General Editor
Solicitors’ Negligence and Liability (2012, Bloomsbury), Contributor
Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories (2015, John Murray)
Civil Fraud (2018, Sweet & Maxwell), General Editor
Court Number One (2019, John Murray)


PNBA, Chancery Bar Association, COMBAR


BA (Hons) First Class
Dip Law, Distinction


Chambers UK

Chancery: Commercial
"He's a fearsome opponent." "We really enjoyed working with him; he was flamboyant and effective." (2020)
"Not afraid of taking novel points and very much in tune with clients' sensitivities and opponents' weaknesses." "He can adapt and think outside of the box. There is tremendous breadth to his intellect, and he is always very clear and logical in what he says. His delivery in court is fluent and beautiful, and he is able to give the judges what they want." (2019)
"A well-liked silk who is respected for his advocacy and capable advice." (2018)
"He quickly earns respect for his effective and commercial advice."  (2018)
"He is first-class - he's massively intelligent and has broad knowledge. He is a real perfectionist when it comes to his written opinions, and he's also good on his feet." (2017)
"He treats everyone respectfully and he is superbly thorough. He gets good results in difficult cases." (2017)

"Powerful advocate." (2015)

"His technical and analytical skills are first-rate." (2015)

"Clients find him to be an impressive operator who instils great confidence." (2015)

"Described as "a true star," he has a strong commercial chancery practice." (2015)

"Described as "a true star," he has a strong commercial chancery practice that takes in cases concerning receivership, freezing orders and unfair prejudice petitions."

"He offers intelligent analysis and is at the very cutting edge of the practice area. He is the man to go to for the most up-to-date arguments." (2014)

"Dedicated, enthusiastic and assured." (2013)

"Confident, dogged and steadfast," he is "a very engaging advocate who fights his client's corner well." (2012)

"An excellent, truly passionate advocate’, who is noted for his expertise in complex, multiparty disputes." (2010)

Chambers UK

Professional Negligence
"He's very imaginative and very good in difficult cases; he just finds solutions where it appears there are none." "He's very measured, very sensible and very reasonable. You can always have a sensible commercial discussion with him." (2020)
"He is an extremely talented and passionate advocate." (2019)
"A very experienced and able trial advocate. Judges like him and opponents respect him." (2018)
"Very engaged and robust when getting to grips with all of the issues. He is a barrister you would much rather have on your side." (2018)
"Powerful and persuasive in his advocacy." (2017)
"Tom Grant is very forthright, and also extremely popular with his clients." (2017)

"He is very bright, thorough and effective." "He's very creative and is a fine advocate and a good man to have on your side if you have got a bad case." (2015)

"His technical and analytical skills are first-rate and he is a powerful advocate." (2015)

"Praised for being "brilliant in every way.""

"He is good in court and on paper, and he gets plaudits for his excellent client care."

"Provides intelligent analysis and is at the cutting edge of the practice area. Tom is the man to go to for the most up-to-date arguments." (2014)

"A very good analytical lawyer and a tough advocate," "very fluent and articulate when he's on his feet." (2013)

"Is prepared to grapple with novel issues." (2012)

Chambers UK

Real Estate Litigation
"A strong advocate who has a charismatic court presence and a good rapport with the judges." "He picks up on issues extremely well and has an excellent understanding of the factual matrix." (2020)
"Super clever and a great strategist." "A very good advocate who provides very clear and commercial advice in complex cases." (2019)
"He is a strong advocate who has a charismatic court presence and a good rapport with judges." (2018)
"Tom's advocacy is excellent and he has a very good client manner." (2017)
"Highly impressive advocate who cuts through complex issues to give sound, commercial advice." (2017)

"Well recognised as a courtroom advocate of significant skill and great presence." (2015)

"He is very impressive on his feet." (2015)

"Very intelligent and articulate, he gives detailed advice." (2015)

"A much-admired silk with experience of the full range of property litigation disputes, he has a particular focus on commercial cases and professional negligence-related claims."

"Very hard-working and passionate about winning, he wants to make sure the client does well. He's very committed - he will follow up and check how the client's doing afterwards." (2014)

"He's good at seeing the wood for the trees," "he is excellent on his feet and handles things really well." (2013)

"Brings unrivalled passion and energy to a case. He gets very involved and really has a passion to win his cases - he takes things beyond the brief." (2012)

“Equally ubiquitous” he is an “enthusiastic, approachable and technically sound counsel." (2010)

Chambers UK


"A sparky advocate who is a joy to work with.” (2010)

Chambers Global

Dispute Resolution: Commercial Chancery

"Recommended" (New Silk) (2014)

Legal 500 UK

Commercial Litigation
"Very hands-on and proactive, he very quickly gets on top of the detail and has a great rapport with clients." (2020)
"Inspires confidence and the clients fall for him straightaway." (2019)
"His sharp commercial mind and easy-to-deal-with approach make him a standout silk." (2017)
"He always gives pragmatic advice." (2016)

"Recommended" (New Silk) (2014)

"Great court presence and client skills." (2012)

Legal 500 UK

Company and Partnership
"Tenacious, very clever, strong in court and sensitive to clients’ priorities." (2020)
"He is a Chancery law specialist." (2019)
"Highly rated for unfair prejudice appeals." (2017)
"Excellent." (2016)

Legal 500 UK

Professional Negligence
"Very strong in court." (2020)
"An experienced silk." (2019)
"Exceptional." (2017)
"Very impressive and bright as a button." (2016)

Legal 500 UK

Property Litigation

"Recommended" (New Silk) (2014)

Legal Week

"Singled out as a "top-rated barrister." (November 2004)