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HH Hazel Marshall QC

Call 1972
Silk 1988

Formerly, HH Judge Hazel Marshall QC, and Miss Hazel Williamson QC.

Throughout practice, I became involved in arbitrations as counsel quite regularly. Mainly property subjects (particularly rent reviews, during my latter years as a foremost commercial property silk) but also commercial arbitration, for example, quality disputes in commodity shipping. I was a regular attender and lecturer at ARBRIX (the RICS organisation for CPD for property arbitrators) and took the fast track examination to become a Fellow of the Institute of Arbitrators.

In my later years of Silk practice I was appointed and conducted many arbitrations, comprising written arbitrations in commercial property disputes, and also financial services matters (I was a panel arbitrator for FIMBRA), and also several oral arbitrations in property matters, including, for example, a dispute between a local authority and the contractor franchised to run the municipal golf course. I was also appointed as an independent expert on occasions, for example a £200M valuation matter governing disputed contract payments in respect of a City of London Office block.

After taking a diploma course to qualify as a mediator, I both advised in mediations and was also appointed mediator in several property mediations, in commercial landlord and tenant disputes and contract.

At Central London County Court I devised an informal system akin to “early neutral evaluation”, to enable parties in suitable disputes (usually regarding property rights dependent on documents and a view of the property) to obtain an early provisional decision to enable them, in many  instances, to reach a satisfactory early settlement.


Oxford University (St Hilda’s College), BA Jurisprudence, Class II [Upper]


1971-1972: Inns of Court School of Law, Bar Finals (Class 2, overall 12th in year)
1972: Called to the Bar by Grays Inn, Steen Scholarship for Bar Finals results. Atkin Scholar of Grays Inn (by examination)
1972-1974: Common law and then Chancery pupillage

1974–1988: Junior practice at Chancery Bar (as Miss Hazel Williamson) at 13 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn, now Maitland Chambers
General chancery litigation: Commercial and general property (including specialist subjects such as markets, minerals, commons, leasehold reform), commercial contract (including banking, insurance, guarantees and securities), equity and equitable remedies, company and insolvency, partnership, professional negligence, trusts, wills, probate, family provision, passing off.
1988: Appointed Queen’s Counsel

1988-2006: Leading practice continued as above, although tending to specialise and becoming best known in property matters, especially commercial property. Much work done at arbitration. My practice remained broad, however, and in the last few years included, for example, taking a Trinidad insurance law case to the Privy Council, cases in the CA and HL on undue influence in banking, a Court of Protection case in the CA, and other cases on insolvency (public interest winding up) and dissolving of limited partnerships.
1992: Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  (by examination)
1993: Appointed Recorder
1994: Appointed Deputy High Court Judge (Section 9) Chancery (extended to Queen’s Bench Div. in 1996 and, by invitation of the Lord Chancellor, to Family in 2004))
1994-1997: Chairman of the Chancery Bar Association
1994-1998: Panel Arbitrator for FIMBRA (conducting written arbitrations on financial services  matters)
1994-2003: Member of the Dept. of Environment (later DETR/ODPM) Property Advisory Group
1999-2006: Acting Deemster of the High Court of the Isle of Man (High Court and Manx Court of Appeal) Primarily international commercial and trust disputes (e.g. Barlow Clowes (Liquidators) v Eurotrust Ltd: dishonest assistance in breach of trust)
1999: Accredited Mediator (Diploma, University of Notre Dame)
2003: At the invitation of the then Lord Chancellor, extended my High Court authorisation to Family Law Private and Public.
2006: Recruited to the newly created position of the Specialist Chancery Circuit Judge at Central London Civil Justice Centre

2006-2013 UK Judicial career
May 2006: Senior Circuit Judge, Specialist Chancery Judge at Central London Civil Justice Centre. Wide range of Chancery and Property disputes, at all levels. Work included sitting part of year as Deputy High Court Judge in the RCJ.
2006-2012: Member of the Judicial Studies Board Specialist Jurisdiction course training team
Sept 2007: Nominated Circuit Judge for Court of Protection matters in London and the S.E Judicial Member of the Public Guardian Board
Mar 2013: Retired from the Bench
Since 2013:  Living in Guernsey
Mar 2013: Appointed Lieutenant-Bailiff of the Royal Court of Guernsey. Hearing and case managing civil matters of all descriptions, but predominantly commercial and international trust disputes.