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  • Gore-Browne on Companies

  • The History of the Law of Landlord and Tenant in England and Wales

    Who has not been a landlord or a tenant? It is one of the most common legal relationships between people, and has been since the medieval period. But there is very little academic interest in the law of landlord and tenant. Nobody before has attempted to write its history.

    This book shows how the rules on each point of importance have developed. Sometimes it demonstrates how a wrong turn has been taken, or an important principle forgotten. But its practical use is to provide the material for understanding the old cases, and to put those cases in their proper context; for it is hard for any lawyer, advising on a doubtful point, to say where exactly we are now, without a thorough understanding of what the law once was and how and when it might have changed.

  • Snell’s Equity (33rd Edition)

    General editors

  • Lender Claims

    An up-to-date exposition of the legal principles applicable in cases brought by lenders whose secured loans have not worked out as they had hoped; it deals exclusively with the liabilities of professionals in the context of loan transactions.  In addition the book considers the question of professional liabilities to lenders in the broader context of recovery strategy.

    General editors


  • Mithani: Directors’ Disqualification

    General editors


  • Commonhold: Law and Practice

    General editors

  • Property Rights in Money

    Property Rights in Money is a systematic study of how proprietary interests in (ownership of and transactions in) money are transferred and enforced as part of a payment transaction.


  • Possession of Land

    Nothing is more important in English land law than 'possession'. It is the foundation of all title, rights and remedies. But what exactly is it, and why does it still matter? This book, first published in 2006, is about the meaning, significance and practical effect of the concept of possession in contemporary land law. It explains the different meanings of possession, the relationship between possession and title, and the ways in which the common law and equity do, and do not, protect possession. The rights and remedies of freeholders, tenants and mortgage lenders, between themselves and against third parties, are all to some extent dependent on questions of status and possession. This book shows how. It is designed to provide an understanding of the basic principles for the student, and answers to difficult, real problems for the practitioner.

    For a link to the Cambridge University Press website click here

    Published by: Cambridge University Press
    Published in: 2006
  • Pensions Title of Atkins Court Forms

    General editors

  • Financial Services : Authorisation, Supervision and Enforcement: A Litigator’s Guide

    Oxford University Press website

  • Sweet & Maxwell’s Land Registration Act 2002

    General editors

  • Ruoff and Roper, Registered Conveyancing

    General editors

  • Professional Negligence and Liability

    A 2 volume looseleaf practioners' text book (which includes litigation precedents).

    General editors

  • Flenley & Leech: Solicitors Negligence (3rd Edition)

    The first comprehensive guide to all aspects of solicitors negligence, liability in equity and wasted costs.


  • Lloyds Law Reports: Professional Negligence

    General editors

  • Hill & Redman’s Law of Landlord and Tenant

    General editors

  • Sweet & Maxwell’s Hong Kong Civil Justice Reform Practice Manual

    General editors

  • The “White Book”

    Michael Gibbon is an Editor.

  • Insolvency Bulletins

    Richard Morgan (as author of ‘International Asset Chasing and Tracing’).