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Christopher McCall
Chambers 100 UK Bar
Christopher McCall

Christopher McCall QC

Call 1966
Silk 1987


Christopher started in practice in a set well-known in the traditional fields of Chancery law, where he was a pupil of Sir John Vinelott. He specialises in trusts (both here and abroad), tax and charity law.

From 1977 until taking Silk in 1987 he acted for the Inland Revenue in Chancery matters and from 1981 until 1987 was Junior Counsel to the Attorney-General in charity matters. His private client work includes advice on the trust aspects of divorce; his charity work has included a wide range of constitutional and practical issues and also the setting up of some notable new charities. Christopher has served on The Trust Law Committee since its inception. He has continued to work for the Inland Revenue as well as foreign tax authorities and private clients, and has fought many appeals in the House of Lords, Privy Council, and the Court of Appeal. He is a frequent contributor to periodicals and seminars on specialist subjects, including international debates on the law of trusts.

Legal directories rate him in the front rank in the fields of private client work, traditional Chancery and charity. Chambers UK recognises him as a starred individual in charity law.

In 2015 Christopher was awarded the STEP Private Client Lifetime Achievement Award for "an individual who has, over the course of their lifetime, made contributions of outstanding significance to the field of estate planning."


Notable Cases

Helena Partnership Ltd v Revenue & Customs Commissioners & Attorney-General (2012)

Commissioner of Taxpayer Audit & Assessment v Cigarette Co of Jamaica Ltd (2012)

Attorney General v Charity Commission for England and Wales & 10 Ors (2012)

Christopher Southgate & Anor v Peter Sutton & Ors (2011)

Helena Partnerships Ltd (Formerly Helena Housing Ltd) v Revenue & Customs Commissioners (2011)

Catholic Care v Charity Commission For England & Wales & Equality & Human Rights Commission (2010)

Helena Housing Ltd v Revenue & Customs Commissioners (TC00384) (2010)

Peter Sutton, Michael Coker,Adam Broke (Trustees) v Michael England & 5 ORS (2009)

Revenue & Customs Commissioners v Trustees of Peter Clay Discretionary Trust (2008)

Attorney-General v Trustees Of The British Museum (2005)

Graham West & Ors (HMIT) v Stephen Graham Trennery & Ors (2005)

Koziol v Davies (2004)

Simon Fraser v Canterbury Diocesan Board of Finance (2004)

BA (Oxon)


Chambers 100 UK

"A true expert in his field who has years of experience.”

“Thinks outside the box and provides clients with pragmatic and creative solutions for highly complex problems.”

Chambers UK

Chancery: Traditional

"A colossus in this field, he's right at the pinnacle." "Hugely experienced and learned." (2017)

"He is one of the most highly regarded trusts lawyers at the Chancery Bar." "Seasoned member of the Chancery Bar, who maintains a diverse and impressive caseload." (2016)

"Somebody who comes up with ideas I would never have thought of if I'd contemplated them for a year." (2015)

"Complex trust litigation, both in the UK and overseas, is the mainstay of his work."  "Market commentators reserve the most superlative of descriptions for him, identifying him as extraordinary; the best in court, and a man with an incredibly measured style." (2014)

Chambers UK

"He is a highly experienced charity silk, who is well respected. He is very good at seeing new angles in cases and presenting them convincingly." "He has unrivalled expertise and experience." (2017)

"He has got such weight as a silk that all judges listen to him instinctively." (2016)

"One of the most venerated members of the Chancery Bar." (2015)

"One of the Charity Bar's leading lights" "hailed by his peers as absolutely excellent, and quite simply brilliant on charities and trusts law." "Has a unique standing in the market, both because his experience goes back such a long time, and also because he is capable of seeing arguments others don't see." "He has enormous authority both in court and with clients." (2014)

Chambers UK & Chambers Global


"He's a great figure who is really top-class." (2017)

"He is a legendary figure." "He is renowned for his work in trusts, particularly those with a tax element." (2016)

"He has a huge amount of accumulated experience." (2015)

"He is a meticulously prepared and highly intellectual barrister. He was able to demystify some rather complex issues and to present them in court in a clear and highly persuasive way." (2014)

Chambers UK & Chambers Global

Tax: Private Client
"He is thorough, pleasant and very careful." (2017)

"He is a very impressive, wonderful chap. A stellar force who is absolutely brilliant." (2016)

"My first choice for a difficult trusts problem." (2014)

Chambers UK & Chambers Global


"He sees issues from new angles and readily identifies what is worth pursuing in a case." (2017)

"Christopher McCall QC... is lauded as "a doyen of the Trusts Bar."" "He provides very pragmatic and helpful advice on complex issues." "He is always trying to find practical solutions and answers, and is quick at getting back to me." (2016)

Legal 500 UK

"An absolute joy to work with due to his humility and willingness to give everyone on the team a voice."(2016)

"His wisdom and commitment to his clients are exemplary." (2015)

"A pre-eminent charities silk." (2014)

Legal 500 UK

Private Client
"A veteran of private client litigation." (2016 - Personal Tax)
"He is a trusts law genius and an absolute joy to work with." (2016 - Trusts and Probate)

"Encyclopaedic knowledge of charity and trust law." "He always strives to achieve the best outcome for the client with minimum drama." (2015)

"One of the best lawyers out there." "Prepared to go the extra mile." (2014)

"A true expert in his field who has years of experience.”
“Thinks outside the box and provides clients with pragmatic and creative solutions for highly complex problems.”